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Handbook for Mushroom Collectors

Andreas Gminder


The handbook for mushroom collectors explains how to find, correctly collect...

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Practical Guide to Dog Diseases


This definitive book on dog diseases provides the dog owner with medical...

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Practical Handbook Horse Health

Ingolf Bender



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The Kosmos Cat Handbook

Marc Heppner, Renate Jones, Gabriele Metz


On over 300 pages, he learns everything about keeping and behavior, breeds...


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Kosmos Handbook Rabbits


Rabbits are no longer considered just cuddly companions for children – adults...


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The Three ??? Kids Detective Handbook

Ulf Blanck, Jan Saße


The perfect “equipment” for those who have always wanted to do research and...


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Silvia Christoph, André Marx



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Manual of Bee Diseases

Friedrich Pohl


Bee expert Dr Friedrich Pohl shows how you can protect your bees and stem the...

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Classical Baroque Riding

Ruth Giffels



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Hydrangea Gardens

Martina Meidinger


Full of character, can be combined in many ways and gorgeous – not for...


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The Kosmos Book of Technology

Moritz Bludau


The Kosmos Book of Technology looks behind the curtain. Easily understood and...


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Mythical Trees

Andreas Hase, Ursula Stumpf, Vera Zingsem


New knowledge about the myth, magic and healing power of trees 15 Central...

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The Personality of My Horse

Peer Claßen, Jenny Wild


If you want to understand your horse and treat it right, you should know its...

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Osteopathy for Horses

Irina Keller, Beatrix Schulte Wien


Identify and solve movement problems – the practical book by Germany’s...

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The Three !!! - Four Paws in Danger

Ina Biber


With Wit and Style - The new cases – highly topical and extremely thrilling

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