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Puppy School

Renate Jones


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Guinea Pigs

Angela Beck



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Bernhard Größle



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Understanding and Owning Cats

Hannelore Grimm, Isabella Lauer


The authors describe what cats need to lead a happy life with us, from care...


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Mini Pigs

Elke Striowsky


Mini pigs are becoming more and more popular as pets. The bristly animals are...


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Keeping Rabbits Outdoors


Keeping rabbits outdoors in large enclosures ensures they live a healthy and...


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Beekeeper Consultation Hour

Dennis Schüler


Filled with enthusiasm after receiving their certification, young beekeepers...


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The Kosmos Practical Handbook of Feline Diseases


The new standard reference on feline health provides the cat owner with...

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Welcome Home, New Kitten!

Hannelore Grimm


This double-volume teaches cat enthusiasts how to select a matching pussy cat...


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Fish Diseases


This practical guide shows aquarists how diseases can be prevented by taking...


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250 Aquarium Fish

Hans W. Kothe


It really is difficult to know which ones to choose for your aquarium. The...


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Xaver Wapelhorst


Cooters are pretty, friendly, active and easy to keep.


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Cat Behaviour

Mircea Pfleiderer


Here, the cat owner will find out about many typical behaviours and...


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Aquarium ABC The World of Fish and Plants

Hans W. Kothe


Colorfully sparkling fish, lush water plants, relaxation in front of the...


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Keeping Livestock


The dream about life out in the country – this is how it becomes reality.


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Indoor Cats

Gabriele Metz


This book shows you how to create a varied living space that echoes a cat’s...


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