Edible Wild Herbs and Wild Berries While Out-and-About

Rudi Beiser, Marianne Golte-Bechtle, Roland Spohn


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  • 140 species, 200 photos, 140 illustrations
  • Helpful identifying features on the flaps
181x109x14mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 218 colour photos, 204 colour drawings, 2 bw-drawings
Pages: 176
EAN: 9783440150078
Art.-No.: 15007
This popular field guide presents 140 edible wild herb and berry types arranged by habitat, provides information on poisonous lookalikes and quickly provides valuable tips for when you are out and about. Based on the photos and illustrations, you can easily and confidently identify local herbs and berries. You will find the most popular types and important technical terms on the newly added book flaps. Many recipes for salads, syrups, etc. show the delicious variety of forest and meadow cuisine.

About the author

Rudi Beiser

Rudi Beiser has dealt with medicinal plants and wild herbs for more than 30 years. He grows them himself at LaLuna, his herbal cottage industry. He is a recognized expert in the field of edible items from nature.
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About the Illustrators

Marianne Golte-Bechtle

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