Incense Burning in the Rhythm of the Year


Christine Fuchs


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    Modern incense burning rituals for slowing down 60 herbs, woods and resins
240x230x21mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 202 colour photos, 87 colour drawings
Pages: 176
EAN: 9783440145715
Art.-No.: 14571
Experiencing the seasons mindfully and aware connects us to the power of natural rhythms. Burning incense during the Winter solstice, at the start of Spring during groundhog day or at the height of Summer during St. John's gives us energy and centres us in ourselves, because we disconnect from the hectic pace and speed of day-to-day activities. Many tips for rituals you design yourself help to do so. Whether in nature, in your own garden or house, in a small apartment or in shared student quarters right in the big city: Incense rituals are possible anywhere. With extensive portraits of 60 effective herbs, woods and resins.

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Christine Fuchs

Christine Fuchs completed serveral trainings in incense burning and medicinal herb practices.She prepares high-quality incense materials and mixtures in her own cottage industry.
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