Time of Love

Eugène Reiter


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    302x302x38mm (LxWxH)
    Cover/Layout 596 colour photos
    Pages: 400
    EAN: 9783440146804
    Art.-No.: 14680
    Love in the animal kingdom has very different facets, but the big feelings are not all that different from those in us humans. Wooing, mating, raising of the offspring, and nurturing and caring of the young – Eugène Reiter captured with his camera moving moments that have never been seen in photos in this way. His images tell more than stories ever could and reach any viewer. Love in the animal kingdom is a success story that leaves no one unmoved.

    About the author

    Eugène Reiter

    Eugène Reiter, der bekennende Freund der Jagd, vertritt sein Heimatland Luxemburg in den bedeutenden Jagd- und Wildschutzorganisationen, der europäischen FACE und dem global tätigen CIC.
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