Portable Nature Field Guide

Frank Hecker, Katrin Hecker


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  • At a glance: typical characteristics
  • Handy: the most important edible plants, the most common toxic plants
  • Extras: identifying tracks in the forest, at the beach and around water
181x108x26mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 750 colour photos, 217 colour drawings
Pages: 368
EAN: 9783440152553
Art.-No.: 15255
Identification made easy with the help of a clear structure divided into habitats: forest, meadow and field, village and city, water, mountain, coastline. Includes portraits of the 550 most important and well-known animal, plant and mushroom species. 550 species and nearly 1,000 pictures. The authors Katrin and Frank Hecker are graduate biologists, specializing in zoology and botany, respectively. For many years they have jointly published articles on natural subjects in established magazines and newspapers.

About the authors

Frank Hecker

Frank Hecker is a graduate biologist with a focus on zoology, botany and marine biology. He has made a name for himself as a nature photographer, writes natural history reports for magazines and newspapers, and is the author of several books.
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Katrin Hecker

Katrin Hecker ist Diplom-Biologein mit den Schwerpunkten Zoologie, Botanik und Meeresbiologie und arbeitet als freie Autorin. Auf ihrem Wildwuchsgrundstück in Schleswig-Holstein kann sie ihre Naturverbundenheit ausleben und probiert immer wieder neue Ideen für die Wildtiere in ihrem Garten aus.
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