Trees Onto Roofs

7 projects for a green future

Conrad Amber


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    222x140x25mm (LxWxH)
    Cover/Layout 67 colour photos
    Pages: 272
    EAN: 9783440154038
    Art.-No.: 15403
    Each forest, each newly planted tree, is an important contribution to a better life on our planet. Dedicated and stirring, Conrad Amber promotes advocacy for a sustainable future - your advocacy. Using seven very specific ideas as examples, he shows how easy it often is to change something in your own environment. Because more green can be envisioned and implemented almost anywhere: in the city, on the roof of a building and next to roads. An optimistic and inspiring reader for anyone who wants to pitch in and become active right now.

    About the author

    Conrad Amber

    Conrad Amber hat eine Leidenschaft: Mit unglaublichem Aufwand sucht und besucht er seit vielen Jahren alte, echte Baumpersönlichkeiten und naturbelassene Wälder. Sein Ziel: Mit berührenden, stimmungsvollen Bildern den Wert dieser Naturdenkmäler möglichst vielen Menschen zu vermitteln. Er setzt si...
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