Forest Bathing Using All Senses

Rainer Schall


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    181x109x11mm (LxWxH)
    Cover/Layout 100 colour photos, 60 colour drawings
    Pages: 96
    EAN: 9783440165980
    Art.-No.: 16598
    “Shinrin Yoku”, forest bathing, which comes from Japan, has long since become a recognised method for improving physical and mental health here, as well. Rainer Schall shows how you can treat stress-related diseases and effectively prevent them through attentive walking in the forest, systematic breathing exercises and nature rituals. He describes the positive effects of plants, mushrooms and the forest floor and sharpens the senses for the voices, smells and beauty of the forest.

    About the author

    Rainer Schall

    Rainer Schall ist Biologe, Waldpädagoge und Spezialist für Survival-Techniken. In seiner Natur- und Wildnisschule im Allgäu leitet er Seminare zu Naturthemen wie Heilpflanzen- und Pilzkunde sowie Messerbaukurse und Workshops zum Überleben in der Wildnis. Über seine Kurse und Outdoor-Aktivitäten w...
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