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Can You Guess the Bird?

Detlef Singer


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  • The classic amongst our guides to birds for beginners
  • 346 species, 766 colour photos, 743 colour illustrations
  • 240 species can be observed on films and the songs of additional 100 can be listened to on the app
180x109x29mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 766 colour photos, 743 colour drawings
Pages: 400
EAN: 9783440164082
Art.-No.: 16408
This identification guide is perfect for beginners as the color photos depict the birds in their natural habitat. Classified by a special color code and divided into larger groups, the individual species are easy to identify. Besides the main photograph of each bird, the book includes one additional picture of the bird in flight, a distribution map and a drawing. Sequence in-flight photos, identification markers highlighted in the pictures and many more extras complement this photo guide.

About the author

Detlef Singer

Detlef Singer ist Diplom-Biologe mit Schwerpunkt Ornithologie. Er lebt und arbeitet in Schweden.
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