You’re Crazy as a Loon – The a Bit Different Guide to Birds

Bärbel Oftring
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  • All about our backyard birds – in-depth, lively, amusing
  • Extensive fact sheets on 70 domestic bird species
  • With many tips on how you can systematically help certain species
217x185x13mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 300 colour photos, 1 bw-photos, 10 colour drawings, 1 bw-drawings, 1 boards of colour
Pages: 144
EAN: 9783440164051
Art.-No.: 16405
Whether in the garden, on the balcony or on the way to work: we encounter wild birds on an almost daily basis. This book provides an opportunity to easily deepen our acquaintance with these feathered guests, even including playful “vocal training”. Migrating bird or local bird? Cave breeder or nest builder? Bärbel Oftring competently presents all important and interesting details on 70 common backyard birds, but does so in an amusing manner. You can listen to calls and songs for each species by using the KOSMOS PLUS app. Mnemonic devices and rhymes help your long-term memorization of bird calls. If you want to protect birds and feed them appropriate to their species, you will find many useful tips here, as well.

About the author

Bärbel Oftring

Bärbel Oftring is a well-known non-fiction book author. She studied biology at the universities of Mainz and Tübingen focusing on zoology, palaeontology and botany. The author lives near Stuttgart. Like no other she can teach nature to children and in the process convey excitement and fun. She ha...
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