Think like a Horse

Equine behavior at a glance

Ilja van de Kasteele


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  • Stress-free communication between horse and human – a manual with pictures
  • Popular topic among beginners
Age: from 10 Years
214x171x9mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 130 colour photos
Pages: 96
EAN: 9783440143858
Art.-No.: 14385
What is my horse thinking about? That is the big question horse enthusiasts are asking themselves. Horseman Ilja van de Kasteele uses photos and short texts to explain what is important to horses. With a little bit of training, it is easy to understand the horse’s desires and needs by reading their facial expressions and body language and by interpreting their sounds. By changing your own behavior, it will be possible for the horse to understand you as well and for the two of you to create mutual trust and respect.

About the author

Ilja van de Kasteele

Ilja van de Kasteele ist Chefredakteur der Fachzeitschrift "Mein Pferd" und hat in dieser Funktion die Gelegenheit einige der großartigsten Pferdeleute zu treffen und von ihnen zu lernen.
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