Building a Life Together - You and Your Horse

Nurture a Relationship with Patience, Trust and Intuition

Magali Delgado
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277x238x19mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 91 colour photos, 5 colour drawings
Pages: 160
EAN: 9783930953905
Art.-No.: 00090

This book gives you a rare insight into the daily life of Magali Delgado and Frédéric Pignon: their feelings and how they treat their horses. The goal of their work is to present themselves and their horses to an audience. Why? This is one of the questions this book will give you the answer to. With beautiful photographs taken by Gabrielle Boiselle.

About the author

Magali Delgado

Foto: Gabriele BoiselleIn einem Alter, in dem die meisten Kinder noch schlummernd in der Wiege liegen, besuchte Magali Delgado mit ihren Eltern Reitkurse. Bald trat sie einer Gruppe von Künstlern als Bareback Reiter auf ihren kleinen schwarzen Pony Chiquito bei. Dann begann sie zu Voltigieren und...
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