Everything about Ponys

Gabriele Metz


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    Breeds, keeping and care, riding and driving Finally a book for pony lovers
Age: from 12 Years
277x201x15mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 184 colour photos
Pages: 144
EAN: 9783440115626
Art.-No.: 11562
They are small, smart and extremely versatile. Ponies are not only popular with children, but also with adults, and they are as thick as thieves with their riders. Whether under the saddle or in front of the carriage, during a trail ride or in a tournament: The little ones always give it their all. But they certainly make demands and have quirks that differentiate them from their larger cousins. In this book, the pony rider finally gets solid information about pony breeds and their aptitude, as well as peculiarities when riding, about keeping, education and training of ponies. Gabriele Metz has been riding ponies for more than 30 years and in this book, which was written in collaboration with various pony breeding associations, she incorporates all her passion and experience.

About the author

Gabriele Metz

Seit Abschluss ihres Studiums schreibt und fotografiert Gabi Metz als freie Journalistin für Tageszeitungen, Buchverlage und renommierte Fachzeitschriften, unter anderem für „Our Cats“, „Geliebte Katze“, „Katzen extra“ sowie für Hundezeitschriften wie „Unser Rassehund“, „Hundewelt“ und „Partner H...
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