The Anti-Authoritarian Garden

Simone Kern


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  • Easy-to-care-for gardens that design and reproduce themselves
  • Black box gardening: intelligently garden in a time of climate change
  • With bed suggestions, design tips and plant descriptions
254x191x12mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 192 colour photos, 12 colour drawings
Pages: 128
EAN: 9783440162187
Art.-No.: 16218
Black box gardening – gardening using chance – is the contemporary answer to the new climate situation. The fascinating low-maintenance plants in this type of design need little water or nutrients, naturally propagate and require very little work. Simone Kern has a lot of experience with this new philosophy and shows creative, ecological concepts for any type of garden – from a sunny seat to the gravel garden. She describes in detail how to plan, set up and care for gardens that are close to nature and resistant to drought. A book full of inspiring ideas for highly attractive easy-to-care-for gardens that beautifully change each year.

About the author

Simone Kern

The author Simone Kern works as a freelance garden and landscape designer. She specializes in creating low-maintenance gardens that are close to nature.
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