600 Tips for the Hunting Practice


Gert G. von Harling, Carsten Bothe
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    600 top tips for day-to-day hunting – stunningly simple
222x166x24mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 234 colour photos, 19 bw-drawings
Pages: 256
EAN: 9783440148976
Art.-No.: 14897
For many years the acknowledged practicing hunters Gert G. von Harling and Carsten Bothe have removed the little stumbling blocks of everyday hunting with smart practical tips. In this book they show their proven ideas for hunters. More than 600 tips for the pursuit of game animals – for easy, relaxed and successful hunting!

About the authors

Gert G. von Harling

Gert G. von Harling, recipient of a DJV cultural award and CIC literary award, is one of the best known and most read hunting authors in the German-speaking world. Editor Lucas von Bothmer is editor in chief of the well-known magazine JÄGER [Hunter] and its specialised magazine SAUEN [Wild Boar ...
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