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The Kosmos Book of Hunting Weapons

Norbert Klups


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  • Firearms, ammunition and optics
  • The practical book about hunting equipment
246x178x26mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 383 colour photos, 11 colour drawings, 2 bw-drawings
Pages: 272
EAN: 9783440154151
Art.-No.: 15415
The newest developments in the hunting weapons, ammunition and optical devices sectors are of central interest to any hunter. Technology in this field has progressed very rapidly in the recent past, in particular, and the range of offers has become almost unmanageable. The authors provide comprehensive information about the types of hunting weapons, ammunition, binoculars and target scopes, and shed light on the technical characteristics and functionalities of these items. An indispensable reference book for any hunter.

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