Imprinting the Hound

Anton Fichtlmeier, Julia Numßen


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    Setting the course for a successful development right from the start
252x177x14mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 136 colour photos
Pages: 128
EAN: 9783440127926
Art.-No.: 12792
The first weeks in the lives of puppies are of great importance to their future development because at this age, a general course is set. Mistakes at this stage are very hard to correct later on. Renowned hound trainers explain how breeders and future owners correctly imprint their hound puppy right from the beginning and successfully prepare him for his future tasks.

About the authors

Anton Fichtlmeier

Anton Fichtlmeier is one of the most renowned modern gundog trainers in Germany and is known from his magazine articles, seminars and trade shows. For many years, Julia Numßen wrote for a hunting magazine on the subject of gundogs. The authors wrote the successful Kosmos book Training Gundog Pupp...
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Julia Numßen

Julia Numßen war lange Zeit „Wild-und-Hund“-Redakteurin für den Bereich Jagdhundwesen.
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