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The Path to a Successful Hunting Dog

Claudia Fries, Stefanie Reimers


Successful hunting dog training based on the latest insights.

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Shot and First Shot

Hubert Kapp, Stefan Mayer


- The practice of first shot examination - A guide for hunting in compliance...

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From Puppy to Hunting Assistant

Hans-Jürgen Markmann


For more than a decade many hunters have trained their dogs based on the...


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On the Blood Track

Uwe Tabel


Trailing a sick animal is an act of animal protection while tracking...


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Imprinting the Hound

Anton Fichtlmeier, Julia Numßen


The first weeks in the lives of puppies are of great importance to their...


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Hunting Dog Training

Anton Fichtlmeier, Julia Numßen


Two experts offer guidance on successful and timely hunting dog training.


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My Life for Game and Hunt

Burkhard Winsmann-Steins


Burkhard Winsmann-Steins is among the hunting and wild animal photographers...


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Fly Fishing Knots Step by Step

Ben Boden


The best knot instructions For quick reference on site

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Matze Koch’s Tips for Pike

Matze Koch


Two stars in one book! Germany's most popular fly-fishing professional...

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The Best Fishing Techniques

Markus Bötefür


Fly fishing strategies with guarantee of success Ideal for beginners

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King of the Hunt – Successful During a Driven Hunt

Christoph Tavernaro


Finally, a technical guide that covers the topic driven and moving hunt from...

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Smoking Fish Step by Step


This modern handbook should absolutely not be missing on the bookshelves of...

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The Art of Tracking and Tracing

Andreas David


This handbook clearly and compactly presents the basic knowledge for the...

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Easy Fishing

Big L


KOSMOS and Big L, the new dream team as far as fly fishing is concerned. The...

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The Best Tips and Tricks for Fly Fishers


Whether dull hooks, bad weather or emergency bait from nature – Markus...

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Blood Hound Work

Hans-Joachim Borngräber


Searching for injured game with a dog is a requirement of animal welfare and...

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