Doesn’t Come Doesn’t Apply

This is how calling a dog back works with any dog


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  • Efficiently train calling a dog back – the bestseller completely new
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Cover/Layout 135 colour photos, 8 bw-drawings
Pages: 112
EAN: 9783440148723
Art.-No.: 14872
Will Paul come or won’t he? How loud must the owner whistle or yell until he finally moves across the lawn? Callback is the most important signal in dog training and also a sore subject. Dog keepers know the problem, when dogs run off and don’t listen any more. Step by step Claudio Toll explains easily and understandably how you can successfully set up the callback: from the puppy to the old stubborn dog, because every dog can learn to obey! Claudia Toll is a dog expert, journalist and author of several books with Kosmos about dogs and pets.

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