Dog and Child With Martin Rütter

This is how they become a perfect team

Martin Rütter, Andrea Buisman


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    247x197x17mm (LxWxH)
    Cover/Layout 200 colour photos
    Pages: 160
    EAN: 9783440145968
    Art.-No.: 14596
    Martin Rütter and Andrea Buisman counsel families about all questions regarding child and dog. Why is it so important that the dog fits the family, and how do you find your dream dog? What rules must be observed both by the dog and by the children? Children learn how a dog communicates, what needs it has and where they can help during daily care. The authors also present fascinating suggestions for games with the dog and activities during the walk – for all ages, from preschooler to teenager.

    About the authors

    Martin Rütter

    Martin Ruetter is Germany's most famous dog trainer and bestselling author. He captivated an audience of millions with his training program "The Dog Professional".
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    Andrea Buisman

    Andrea Buisman is a breeder and dog trainer. At DOGs she handles the training of coaches and support for dog training schools.
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