The Second Chance

Dogs with a past

Katharina von der Leyen, Inga Böhm-Reithmeier


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  • 200,000 dogs a year change their home in Germany
246x178x23mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 150 colour photos
Pages: 232
EAN: 9783440151396
Art.-No.: 15139
In Germany alone, 200,000 dogs change their home each year. Each of them comes with a history that has shaped it. This comprehensive handbook on training and behaviour presents the special knowledge that owners of second-hand dogs need, from familiarisation to creating a connection and up to behavioural problems. Many use cases from the authors’ practice show how you react appropriately to problems. Valuable also for employees of animal shelters and in animal welfare.

About the authors

Katharina von der Leyen

Katharina von der Leyen is a journalist, best-selling author and dog expert. Her column in the magazine DOGS and her books Good Dog, The Pug and Dogs in the City are great successes.
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Inga Böhm-Reithmeier

Inga Böhm-Reithmeier vermittelt Hundehaltern in ihrer Hundeschule "Waldtraining für Mensch und Hund", wie sie ihre Hunde mit leiser Stimme, Körpersprache und Handzeichen führen können. Seit über 17 Jahren arbeitet sie erfolgreich als Hundetrainerin. Sie gibt bundesweit Seminare und hält Vorträge.
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