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Owning More Than One Dog

Martin Rütter, Andrea Buisman


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    Real life case studies
213x170x10mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 132 colour photos
Pages: 128
EAN: 9783440127582
Art.-No.: 12758
Why there is always conflict between Digby the Dachshund and Bonnie the Beagle? There are many reasons why living with multiple dogs can be challenging. Martin Rütter and Andrea Buisman provide help for the selection and integration of appropriate pack-partners and explain the most important rules of living harmoniously with a pack of two, three or more dogs.

About the authors

Martin Rütter

Martin Ruetter is Germany's most famous dog trainer and bestselling author. He captivated an audience of millions with his training program "The Dog Professional".
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Andrea Buisman

Andrea Buisman is a breeder and dog trainer. At DOGs she handles the training of coaches and support for dog training schools.
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