Biochemical Cell Salts for My Dog

Claudia Bergmann-Scholvien
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    Biochemical cell salts are increasingly used by pet owners for their dogs
220x165x16mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 85 colour photos
Pages: 144
EAN: 9783440116210
Art.-No.: 11621
The use of the "12 salts of life" does not have side effects and is an uncomplicated alternative to homeopathy. Alternative practitioner Claudia Bergmann-Scholvien shows how dogs' common health problems, stress or behavioral problems can be treated successfully by pet owners themselves. The handbook for finding the correct salt for your own dog, which explains appropriate dosing and application and contains a mini poster: All biochemical cell salts at a glance.

About the author

Claudia Bergmann-Scholvien

Claudia Bergmann-Scholvien ist seit über 25 Jahren als Heilpraktikerin in eigener Praxis tätig. Darüber hinaus ist sie auch als Schüßler-Expertin für vierbeinige Patienten auf ihrer Vita-Farm bekannt.
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