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ZOS – Specific Object Search

Thomas Baumann, Ina Baumann


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Walking Together

Jeanette Przygoda


This book introduces a wealth of ideas for activities that turn dog and human...

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Draft Dog Sport

Uwe Radant


Truly amazing: with the dog scooter through nature

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Break on Equal Footing

Udo Gansloßer, Mechtild Käufer


Re-discover the adventure of playing with the dog

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Inge Büttner-Vogt



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Toy Box for Dogs

Kate Kitchenham


Toy box open – ideas for play out!


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Occupying Dogs With Martin Rütter

Andrea Buisman, Martin Rütter


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Dog Walking Training

Sandra Bruns, Anett Seidensticker


The authors show how dog owners can use the dog walks together for training...


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Easily Make Dog Items Yourself

Alina Klüglich-Hinrichs, Sibylle Ströbele


The authors introduce the best ideas made of fabric and wood: from the...


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Herding Dogs as Companions

Normen Mrozinski


Unique breed monograph for a growing target group. Training and...


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Clicker Training for Dogs

Mel Koring


Train successfully with the 8-week plan.


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Play and Sports for Dogs

Kristina Ziemer-Falke


The types of play and dog sport which Kristina Falke and Jörg Ziemer offer...


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Activities for Dogs

Jan Nijboer


What dog owner doesn’t dream of a four-legged helper to carry the shopping...


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The Dog Book for Kids

Sandra Bruns


For 8- to 12-year-old dog professionals. Child and animal - a great team.


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Christiane Blenski


Train and occupy them - with fun and success.


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Alexandra Grunow, Rovena Langkau


Around the world, mantrailing is increasing its following due to its appeal...


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