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You Will Never Forget Your First Whale!

Ralf Kiefner


Whales – fascinating insights into the life of the popular ocean mammal

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What Lives in the Mediterranean?

Matthias Bergbauer, Bernd Humberg


100 new photos, all conservation zones, more than 400 species

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Which Fish Is This?

Matthias Bergbauer


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Discover Life in the Indian Ocean

Matthias Bergbauer, Manuela Kirschner


The Indian Ocean is the dream destination of all scuba divers. it is home to...


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What Lives in the Tropical Seas?

Matthias Bergbauer, Manuela Kirschner



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Adventure Coral Reef



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The Kosmos Handbook Dangerous Marine Animals

Matthias Bergbauer, Manuela Kirschner, Robert Myers



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