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My First Globe


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  • The globe that tells stories
  • A voyage of discovery around the world
Age: from 5 Years
370x263x260mm (LxWxH)
EAN: 4002051673024
Art.-No.: 67302
Illustrations designed for children invite preschoolers to discover new things: How do people live on other continents? Which special animals live in far-away lands? The accompanying booklet contains a fascinating story in pictures, as well as stories to read aloud, which invite you to discover interesting facts on the globe. An ideal combination to awaken a child’s inquiring mind.

Kosmos World Atlas – Compact


The Kosmos Compact Atlas of the World combines the optimal features to make...


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Kosmos Atlas of the Earth


The prestigious “Atlas of the Earth” is a world atlas and opulent coffee...


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Kosmos Satellite World Atlas


High-end cartography and splendid satellite images – perfectly combined


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World of Maps


Travel through time and worlds - Historical and modern cartography in a dialogue


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Day & Night Globe


Globe with alternating effect between a map of the earth and the starry sky


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The Kosmos Pocket World Atlas


The entire earth in a pocket format


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Globe for Pupils and Students

Christina Wittig-Tausch


The political map picture and the approximately 3000 entries make this globe...


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Christina Wittig-Tausch


The Greenwich globe has a clear map picture and a high quality wooden foot


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Kosmos Universal Atlas


This world atlas offers in-depth geographic information for all the family


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