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The Kosmos Pocket World Atlas


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  • KOSMOS cartography – handy, lightweight, economical
  • The entire earth in a pocket format
221x162x20mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 54 colour photos, 120 colour drawings
Pages: 240
EAN: 9783440160398
Art.-No.: 16039
Just three times the size of a smartphone, but much better arranged and more informative than any Internet map: the KOSMOS pocket world atlas will inspire anyone who needs quick access to in-depth geographical knowledge. The atlas combines precise cartography and extensive geographic information, complemented by political maps for all continents. The geographic encyclopaedia offers current data and facts and shows the national flags of all countries on earth. The perfect reference book for school, university study, work and while travelling.

Kosmos Universal Atlas


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Kosmos Satellite World Atlas


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My First Globe


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