The Messier Objects

Bernd Koch, Stefan Korth


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    Exclusive photos and tips from professional photographer Bernd Koch
252x180x19mm (LxWxH)
Pages: 224
EAN: 9783440117439
Art.-No.: 11743
For telescope beginners, but also for many advanced users, the most beautiful targets in the sky are the Messier objects, so named after the astronomer Charles Messier. With the clearly arranged celestial charts, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies can be found quickly. For each object, the authors explain what can be seen already in binoculars, and which additional details and structures are visible in a smaller or larger telescope. Experienced users will be attracted by the many tips about astronomical photography. And even experts on Messier will learn much new material from the detailed background information about all 110 objects. Bernd Koch is the author of several books about astronomical photography. He runs the only stock photo agency for astronomical images in Germany. Stefan Korth has actively observed the sky for more than 25 years. The pair of authors has already published the successful title Stars in the Night Sky with KOSMOS.

About the authors

Bernd Koch

Bernd Koch ist mehrfacher Buchautor zum Thema Astrofotografie. Er betreibt die einzige Bildagentur für astronomische Bilder in Deutschland.
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Stefan Korth

Stefan Korth ist seit über 25 Jahren aktiver Himmelsbeobachter. Mehr als 15 Jahre war er im Teleskop- und Fernglashandel tätig.
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