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Life-Sized Animal Tracks

Frank Hecker


The first book about animal tracks with images in original size


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Bee Pasture

Günter Pritsch


The definitive book for any beekeeper. Now completely updated and in a new look

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Ursula Löckenhoff


Keping several dogs – harmoniously and relaxed

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Edible Wild Herbs and Wild Berries While Out-and-About

Rudi Beiser, Marianne Golte-Bechtle, Roland Spohn


This popular field guide presents 140 edible wild herb and berry types

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The Calm Dog

Gülay Ücüncü


Impulse control – help for overwrought dogs and their stressed owners

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Diurnal Moths


An identification guide to the gorgeous species that so far have only been...

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Appropriate to the Species

Markus Strauß


This is how we ensure the future of homo sapiens

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The New Kosmos Mediterranean Flora

Peter Schönfelder, Ingrid Schönfelder


The most extensive nature guide for the area around the Mediterranean


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Gravity Signals

Rüdiger Vaas


From Einstein to the Big Bang and beyond: gravitational waves have opened a...

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The ABC of Beekeeping

Friedrich Pohl


Is it possible to keep bees in your own garden or on the roof of your garage?


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What Spider Is That?


Extensive: The 132 best-known domestic spiders portrayed


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The Mystery of the Gravitational Wave

Günter Spanner


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Which Fish Is This?

Matthias Bergbauer


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Death of a Queen

Joana Kelén


- A defence for a bee-friendly world - With gorgeous modern illustrations


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What Wild Herbs and Berries Are These?

Eva-Maria Dreyer


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Bats – Observe, Identify and Protect

Klaus Richarz


This practical field guide follows the flying creatures of the night over the...


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