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Identify desirable and undesirable garden plants

Bärbel Oftring


100 self-seeding garden plants in detailed portraits How do I distinguish...


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And Now We Save the World

Ilona Koglin, Marek Rohde


The handbook for idealists and unconventional thinkers

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What's Blooming Here?

Marianne Golte-Bechtle, Margot Spohn, Roland Spohn


More than 870 flowers, grasses, trees and bushes are shown in true-to-life,...

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Hydrangea Gardens

Martina Meidinger


Full of character, can be combined in many ways and gorgeous – not for...


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Medicinal Plants and Their Poisonous Look-Alikes

Wolfgang Lang


Confusing the popular medicinal herb angelica with hemlock, which grows in...

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Basics – TTouches for Horses

Linda Tellington-Jones


Learn TTouches – quickly, effectively and safely

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NatureTime - Herbs

Paschalis Dougalis, Ursula Stumpf


“NatureTime” is in-depth knowledge, told amusingly and emotionally

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Edible Wild Herbs and Wild Berries While Out-and-About

Rudi Beiser, Marianne Golte-Bechtle, Roland Spohn


This popular field guide presents 140 edible wild herb and berry types

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Planet Worlds

Thorsten Dambeck


Far-away worlds – close enough to touch

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Increasing Suppleness through Groundwork

Kathrin Roida


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Which Fish Is This?

Matthias Bergbauer


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Medicinal Herbs


Field Horsetail strengthens our memory, Common Silverweed relieves cramps and...


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Rod Fishing for the Clueless

Tobias Hoffmann


- Finally a clue about rod fishing - The compact, modern, practical book for...

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Deer and Boars

Birte Keil, Gert G. von Harling


For the successful hunt of deer and wild boars.


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Kosmos Universal Atlas


This world atlas offers in-depth geographic information for all the family


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