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Identify desirable and undesirable garden plants

Bärbel Oftring


100 self-seeding garden plants in detailed portraits How do I distinguish...


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And Now We Save the World

Ilona Koglin, Marek Rohde


The handbook for idealists and unconventional thinkers

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What Bird is That?

Volker Dierschke


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What Animal Track Is That?

Klaus Richarz


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What Mushroom is That?

Markus Flück


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What Mountain Flower is That?

Manuel Werner


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Glow-in-the-Dark Celestial Chart for Beginners

Hermann-Michael Hahn, Gerhard Weiland


This glow-in-the-dark celestial chart shows beginners all important...


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The Calm Dog

Gülay Ücüncü


Impulse control – help for overwrought dogs and their stressed owners

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What's Blooming Here?

Marianne Golte-Bechtle, Margot Spohn, Roland Spohn


More than 870 flowers, grasses, trees and bushes are shown in true-to-life,...

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Life in a Water Drop

Annegret Bäuerle, Dieter Krauter, Wolfgang Lang, Heinz Streble, Heinz Streble


The special characteristic of the standard work which has been on the market...


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What bird is that?

Peter H. Barthel, Paschalis Dougalis


The successful bird classification book for all bird lovers and beginners alike

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Clean Feeding

Anke Jobi


Feed dogs naturally. Trendy diet: the clean-eating program for dogs


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Christina Wittig-Tausch


The Greenwich globe has a clear map picture and a high quality wooden foot


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Cat Problems

Denise Seidl


Understand and solve the most common behavioural problems

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Man Trailing

Martina Stricker


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My Garden Hums!

Simone Kern


Paradise for bees, bumblebees and Co. in your own garden


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