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Identify desirable and undesirable garden plants

Bärbel Oftring


100 self-seeding garden plants in detailed portraits How do I distinguish...


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And Now We Save the World

Ilona Koglin, Marek Rohde


The handbook for idealists and unconventional thinkers

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Dog Breeds

Eva-Maria Krämer


- Which dog suits me? Here everyone can find the right dog - With the 60...


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What's Blooming Here?

Marianne Golte-Bechtle, Margot Spohn, Roland Spohn


More than 870 flowers, grasses, trees and bushes are shown in true-to-life,...

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Day & Night Globe


Globe with alternating effect between a map of the earth and the starry sky


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Organic Fertilizer

Joachim Mayer, Franz-Xaver Treml


Fertilize naturally with home-made organic fertilizer Sustainable and...


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Can You Guess the Bird

Detlef Singer


This identification guide is perfect for beginners as the color photos depict...

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Aggressive Behaviour in the Dog

Ute Heberer, Normen Mrozinski


The authors explain the background: How does aggression arise, how can you...

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The Kosmos Butterfly Guide

Heiko Bellmann


The comprehensive butterfly guide with caterpillars and the plants on which...


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In Association with the Ruler of the Sky

Elisabeth Leix


With spectacular photos and fascinating accounts, this coffee table book...


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What Animal Track Is That?

Klaus Richarz


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Toy Box for Dogs

Kate Kitchenham


Toy box open – ideas for play out!


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The Kosmos Guide to Animals and Plants

Frank Hecker


The Kosmos Guide to Animals and Plants profiles 1000 species with over 4000...

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Occupying Dogs With Martin Rütter

Andrea Buisman


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Tunnel Through Space and Time

Rüdiger Vaas


Black holes, time travel and the speed of light

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Thomas Gretler


Where and how do fish live? What do they eat? When are they active? The...


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