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    Raising poultry for breeders of small animals, being self-sufficient, and everyone aspiring to it
221x164x18mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 162 colour photos, 14 colour drawings
Pages: 156
EAN: 9783440139417
Art.-No.: 13941
A cackling flock of chickens behind the house who lays fresh eggs every day, ducks that hunt snails and geese who loudly announce each visitor – country life in its nicest form. Poultry breeder Dr. Torsten König explains everything you need to know about naturally raising chickens, quails, ducks and geese appropriate to their species. From poultry breeds and their feeding, care and prevention of illnesses up to breeding and raising.

Keeping Chicken Made Easy

Ralf-Wigand Usbeck


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Keeping Chicken

Carola Hotze, Katrin Juliane Schiffer


Well taken care of: understanding chickens and keeping them in an appropriate...

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Keeping Sheep


Extensive information for beginners and hobby shepherds. Everything you need...

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Gone to the Chickens

Roland Wiedenmann


How a flock of chickens inspires its humans. Amusing reading for all chicken...

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Anja Steinkamp


Intuitive beginning and quick access to the essentials.


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Keeping Rabbits Outdoors


Keeping rabbits outdoors in large enclosures ensures they live a healthy and...


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Mini Pigs

Elke Striowsky


Mini pigs are becoming more and more popular as pets. The bristly animals are...


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Keeping Livestock


The dream about life out in the country – this is how it becomes reality.


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Nina Brörkens


Nina Broerkens introduces well-known and rare breeds that are appropriate for...


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