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Our Edible Trees and Bushes

Otmar Diez


Confidently identify 81 species. Collect carefully, prepare easily

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Plant Goddesses and Their Medicinal Herbs


Drawing on Nature's Force, Using the Knowledge of Healing


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Medicinal Plants and Their Poisonous Look-Alikes

Ursula Stumpf


Confusing the popular medicinal herb angelica with hemlock, which grows in...

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Forest Bathing Using All Senses

Rainer Schall


Health trend “forest bathing”: exercises and instructions. Experience the...

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Trees at Power Locations

Guntram Stoehr


Growth habits and the energy of the location


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Plant Shamanism – Join with Nature

Adelheid Brunner


The ancient knowledge of our ancestors and real shamans from other cultures...

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The Soul of Plants

Frank Brunke, Wolf-Dieter Storl


A unique access point to the world of plants that opens new perspectives...

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Feeling close to nature

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi



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Aromatic Oils for the Medicine Chest

Axel Meyer


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Trees and Their Healing Powers of the Wood

Adelheid Lingg



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Medicinal Herbs


Field Horsetail strengthens our memory, Common Silverweed relieves cramps and...


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Medicinal Plants for Health

Annekatrin Puhle


Add-on: Quick access guide for the right help in case of complaints.

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Tea From Herbs and Fruit

Rudi Beiser


Flavorful teas can be made from many domestic plants. They are a remedy, a...


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Delicious Wild Plants and Berries

Carmen Mayr


- Holistic approach: attentive collecting, deliberate savouring, careful...


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Incense Burning in the Rhythm of the Year

Christine Fuchs


Experiencing the seasons mindfully and aware connects us to the power of...

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The Year in Medicinal Herbs

Adelheid Lingg


What do I harvest when - what helps when?


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