Edible Mushrooms and their Poisonous Look-Alikes

Hans E. Laux, Andreas Gminder


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189x120x19mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 177 colour photos, 38 colour drawings
Pages: 192
EAN: 9783440158852
Art.-No.: 15885

Collecting mushrooms is fun, but you must also beware of confusing them. This book therefore directly compares edible mushrooms with their inedible or poisonous lookalikes. All important distinguishing features, such as the form and colour of the gills or the mushroom's smell, are described in detail in the text or image.

About the authors

Hans E. Laux

Hans E. Laux is a mushroom expert and a consultant for the German Mycological Society. The photos in this book are by him. He has published other successful mushroom guides with Kosmos.
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Andreas Gminder

Andreas Gminder, head of the mushroom department at the German Nature Conservancy, has led successful mushroom excursions for beginners and advanced collectors for more than 20 years. He knows the needs and requirements of his target group very well.
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