Which Insect Is That?

Heiko Bellmann


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    193x119x16mm (LxWxH)
    Cover/Layout 1500 colour photos, 500 colour drawings
    Pages: 256
    EAN: 9783440151808
    Art.-No.: 15180
    This is the latest new release in the next-generation series of field guides! About 400 insect species are shown in up to four images per species. There is a total of over 2,000 photos and drawings, with closely related images and text which greatly simplifies unambiguious identification. In addition, explanations of characteristics, occureence and way of life make confident identification easier.

    About the author

    Heiko Bellmann

    Heiko Bellmann is a German zoologist. The book author and nature photographer has published entomological and arachnological works, some of which have been issued by Kosmos Publishing House.
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