Gentle Pleasure Riding

Exercises for effective training

Claus Penquitt


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    Age: from 14 Years
    214x172x10mm (LxWxH)
    Cover/Layout 62 colour photos, 49 bw-drawings
    Pages: 112
    EAN: 9783440143612
    Art.-No.: 14361
    With his training academy for pleasure riding (Freizeitreiter-Akademie), Claus Penquitt raised the bar for what it means to ride for pleasure. His exercises, photos, illustrations and detailed explanations show you the way to subtle aids and help you establish a close connection with your horse.

    About the author

    Claus Penquitt

    Claus Penquitt, der Freizeitreiter-„Papst“, hat mit seiner Reitlehre und in unzähligen Kursen vielen Menschen den Weg zu mehr Freude und Harmonie mit dem Pferd gezeigt.
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