Horse breeds


Sibylle Luise Binder
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    Detailed features of the world's most beautiful horse breeds
277x204x28mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 312 colour photos
Pages: 256
EAN: 9783440135372
Art.-No.: 13537
Among the wide variety of horse breeds, each breed has its admirers. Sibylle Luise Binder introduces the reader to the characteristics of each breed and presents outstanding horse personalities in short features including their origin, special talents, temperament and character traits. Beautiful pictures make the reader want to know more about not only their favorite breed but also horses from different parts of the world.

About the author

Sibylle Luise Binder

Sibylle Luise Binder is herself an active horseback rider and used to be an apprentice at several horse farms and breeding facilities. This gave her valuable insight into the strengths and uniqueness of the different breeds.
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