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Easy Fishing

Big L


KOSMOS and Big L, the new dream team as far as fly fishing is concerned. The...

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Which Fish Is This?

Ben Boden


A book with splendid photos, detailed drawings and professional tips for...

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Cooking Fish

Jörg Strehlow


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Book of Catches for Rod Fishers


The gift with the very special furnishings


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The Rod Fishing Book for Kids

Thomas Gretler


More and more children and teenagers are taking up rod fishing....

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Fresh From the Water to the Table

Ingo Swoboda


How do you handle the catch, if it is intended for the cookpot or pan?


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Dream destinations for anglers

Markus Heine, Christian Hoch


And suddenly a several hundred-pound tuna rose from the water, slapping its...


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The Biology of Fly Fishing

Axel Wessolowski


Particularly with regard to fly fishing, the understanding of biological...


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Wild Water - Wild Fish Spectacular Fishing...

Olivier Portrat


You feel the water splashing onto your skin when you look at the pictures of...


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The fascinating world of fishing

Florian Läufer



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