Wild Water - Wild Fish Spectacular Fishing Destinations

Olivier Portrat


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    Close up: spectacular images of fishing in far-away lands
306x294x20mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 200 colour photos
Pages: 176
EAN: 9783440123584
Art.-No.: 12358
You feel the water splashing onto your skin when you look at the pictures of a 100-pound Nile bass jumping. You start to freeze when you see the snowed-in trekking tents on the banks of a Mongolian river, right in the solitary steppe. You just want to be there when you glance at the sunset on a tributary of the Amazon, right in the jungle. A coffee table book for fishermen and exotic nature enthusiasts. Olivier Portrat is German and French and is viewed as Europe's best-known fishing photographer. He has already published photos in books and magazines in all European countries.

About the author

Olivier Portrat

Olivier Portrat ist Deutsch-Franzose und gilt als bekanntester Angelfotograf Europas. In allen europäischen Ländern hat er bereits Fotos in Büchern und Magazinen veröffentlicht. Außerhalb vom Angeln kennt man ihn vor allem durch die Mitarbeit am Dokumentarfilm „Monster im Badesee“ des Bayrischen ...
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