Aggressive Behaviour in the Dog


Ute Heberer, Normen Mrozinski, Nora Brede
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    Recognize, understand and correctly react to aggressive behaviour.
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Cover/Layout 68 colour photos, 32 boards of colour
Pages: 248
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Rabble-rousing on the leash, scuffling, defending the sofa and snarling at the garden fence. A dog's aggression has many faces, the causes are manifold, and it is one of the dog problems mentioned most frequently. But it forms part of normal behaviour in any dog and cannot be trained away entirely. The authors explain the background: How does aggression arise, how can you avoid it and how can you handle it correctly as a dog owner? A contemporary topic that affects almost any dog owner.

About the authors

Ute Heberer

Ute Heberer ist Hundetrainerin und Expertin für Aggressionsverhalten. Sie leitet ein Tierheim mit den Schwerpunkten Gruppenhaltung und Resozialisierung von schwierigen Hunden und bietet Seminare an.
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Normen Mrozinski

"Normen Mrozinski is a dog trainer and herding dog expert. He offers special training programs for owners of herding dogs at his dog training facility Canidas""."""
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Nora Brede

Die Evolutionsbiologin Dr. Nora Brede hält Seminare für Hundehalter und -trainer und arbeitet als Dozentin bei einer von ihr mitgegründeten Ausbildungsstätte für Hundetrainer.
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