Language Course With Martin Rütter

Martin Rütter, Andrea Buisman


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    247x197x17mm (LxWxH)
    Cover/Layout 238 colour photos
    Pages: 160
    EAN: 9783440127599
    Art.-No.: 12759
    Are dogs always friendly when they wag their tail? Does a dog yawn because it is tired? Why do dogs bow in front of others of their species? With the dog language course you can understand dog behaviour step by step: From using body language through mimicry up to making noises, Martin Rütter shows all facets of communication and so manages to awaken the awareness of your own form of expression and to open your eyes to the signals of dogs.

    About the authors

    Martin Rütter

    Martin Rütter is Germany’s leading Dog expert. As a reknown animal psychologist and trainer, his books alone sold over 1 million copies.He features in his own popular TV shows.He has his own dog obedience school since 1995.
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    Andrea Buisman

    Andrea Buisman is a breeder and dog trainer. At DOGs she handles the training of coaches and support for dog training schools.
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