Danger: Poisonous!

Identify poison, avoid ingestion

Sandra Bruns, Lara Sophie Steinhoff


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  • Topic No. 1 for dog owners
  • Identify poison, avoid ingestion
241x172x12mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 152 colour photos
Pages: 128
EAN: 9783440153901
Art.-No.: 15390
Dog owners every day hear news about poisonous bait that has been set up This book provides information about various poisons and explains how you can quickly and effectively intervene with first aid measures. The two authors are veterinarians and dog trainers. As prophylaxis, they introduce tried-and-tested exercises structured in small steps that prevent ingestion of poisonous bait and other things that can be eaten. A topic that moves any dog owner and a training that can save a life.

About the authors

Sandra Bruns

Dr Sandra Bruns is a veterinarian, behavioural therapist and runs a dog training centre, where she offers, among others, classes for children with dogs.
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Lara Sophie Steinhoff

Dr. Lara Steinhoff ist Tierärztin mit der Zusatzbezeichnung Verhaltenstherapie. In ihrer "Pfoten-Werkstatt" bietet sie effektives Training, Seminare und tierärztliche Beratung rund um Hund und Katze an. Darüber hinaus leistet sie professionelle Unterstützung, wenn Haustiere aufgrund von Stereotyp...
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