Kosmos Satellite World Atlas

A new view of the blue planet


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  • 105 incredibly focused satellite images of cities, landscapes, continents
  • Digitally created superior cartography from Germany
  • For looking things up, being awed and gift giving
370x274x39mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 288 colour photos, 176 colour drawings
Pages: 496
EAN: 9783440154748
Art.-No.: 15474
This atlas opens up a new image of the earth. The unique concept combines precise cartography and top-quality satellite images. The well-known cartographic depiction of the earth and its continents is immediately followed by the corresponding satellite image at the exact same scale. This is how the photo visualizes the map, and the map explains the photo. The maps of the individual countries appear alternating with more than 100 fascinating images of selected cities and landscapes in the view from space. Informative accompanying text and additional photos explain the large-format panoramas. This makes the work a world atlas and coffee table book in one: comprehensive, systematic and page by page a feast for the eyes.

The New Kosmos World Almanac & Atlas 2024

Henning Aubel, Renate Ell, Philip Engler



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