Exploration of the Exoplanets

Bernhard Mackowiak


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    Hidden research sensation Another veil on the universe is lifted
245x178x19mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 61 colour photos, 99 colour drawings
Pages: 176
EAN: 9783440146118
Art.-No.: 14611
Are there also planets around other stars? This question was answered with "Yes" only as recently as 1995. Since then, large telescopes and space probes are looking for them. By now almost 2,000 exoplanets are known. 20 years after the first discovery this book takes extensive stock: Which types of exoplanets are known, how does one search for them nowadays, and why is it so difficult to discover a second earth?

About the author

Bernhard Mackowiak

Bernhard Mackowiak arbeitet als Wissenschaftsjournalist mit den Schwerpunkten Astronomie, Raumfahrt und Geowissenschaften. Er ist Autor mehrerer Bücher.
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