Find Stars in the Southern Sky

Navigation and observation from the Mediterranean to the Southern hemisphere

Erich Karkoschka


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  • Unique: the KOSMOS star guide for the Southern hemisphere
  • Ideal for observations around the Mediterranean and on the Canary Islands, as well
211x150x9mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 60 colour photos, 46 colour drawings
Pages: 96
EAN: 9783440151563
Art.-No.: 15156
Most tourists who look at the night sky south of the equator have trouble navigating. Where is the famous Southern Cross? Where do you find the Magellanic Clouds and what other heavenly treasures can you discover? Erich Karkoschka’s new star guide helps you identify the Southern constellations and offers hobby astronomers tips for observing the most beautiful objects with binoculars. Thanks to its unique concept, the book can be used also in the tourist destinations of the Mediterranean and sharpens the eye for fascinating new discoveries.

About the author

Erich Karkoschka

Dr. Erich Karkoschka works as a specialist for planetary research at the Lunar and Planetary Center in Tucson/USA. Hobby astronomers know and appreciate his Atlas for Sky Observers – in brief “The Karkoschka” – as a definitive book.
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