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Annemarie Lenze


Sunshine - 300 days of the year! Perfect conditions for vegetables, fruits...


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Italia - A Stroll Through the Seasonal Cuisine

Carlo Bernasconi, Marlisa Szwillus


Antipasti, primi piatti, secondi piatti, contorni, dolci – that's how you...


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Soon It Will Be Christmas A Culinary Advent Calendar

Regine Stroner


During the most wonderful time of the year, gifts - especially home-made ones...


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Sauces Smooth, Frothy, Creamy

Peter Auer


You'll recognize a good cook by his sauce! But their preparation is very...


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Well Cooked! The Basic Cookbook

Cornelia Schinharl


Using basic classic and modern recipes, Cornelia Schinharl explains not only...


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Made by yourself and brought along

Regine Stroner



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Stefanie Bartsch, Katharina Saheicha


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Carpaccio 99 Wafer-Thin Delicacies

Gerd Käfer



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Bistro Office Quick Dishes to Take Along

Karina Schmidt



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Karin Brucker



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