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Make a Wish!

Regine Stroner


Christmas is the perfect time for lovingly prepared homemade gifts.


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Fishing Locally: Lakes and Rivers

Ingo Swoboda


In the light of overfished seas, questionable fishing techniques and...


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Sweet Potatoes – Grow and Savour Them Yourself

Marianne Scheu-Helgert


The new trend: growing sweet potatoes yourself New robust types for garden...


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Seasonal Cookbook for Vegans

Franzi Schädel


Seasonal cooking – fresh and consistently vegan every day Quick dishes with...

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Swabian Cuisine

Matthias F. Mangold


- Much worth knowing about tradition and Swabian products - With more than...


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Kirstin Knufmann


- All important information and more than 50 recipes with the power food -...

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The Gourmet Garden

Barbara Krasemann


- A special culinary treat from your own garden - Creative recipes from...

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The Art of Vegan Cooking

Axel Meyer


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My Vegan Advent Calendar


Vegan through the Christmas holidays? It's possible!


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The Insect Cookbook

Folke Dammann, Nadine Kuhlenkamp


Fried grasshopper with chili, roasted mealworms on a bed of herbs, grilling...

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Hildegard Möller


Cabbage can be much more than a side dish for hearty food. This cookbook...


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If You Smoke Food You Get More Out of Grilling

Christine Fuchs


Are you still grilling or are you already smoking food?


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Pasta Workshop

Markus Holzer


- Creative recipes for about 40 pasta types and many super-quick sauces


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Vegetable Treasures

Ursula Reinhard


A must for vegetable fans, vegetarians and vegans with a garden.


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