The Hunt for the Robbers

Ulf Blanck, Boris Pfeiffer, Jan Saße


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  • Book Heroes for Beginning Readers
  • Layout and typography appropriate for that age with many colourful illustrations
Age: from 7 Years
223x159x12mm (LxWxH)
Cover/Layout 64 colour drawings
Pages: 64
EAN: 9783440153420
Art.-No.: 15342
Learning to read is hard? Not with these thrilling stories that are easy to handle even for beginning readers. Illustrations and the riddles for readers provide variety to the volumes and ensure a sense of achievement, which increases motivation. This is how starting to read books by yourself is simply fun

About the authors

Ulf Blanck

Ulf Blanck has been involved in the series The Three ??? Kids from the start: since 1999 he has been creating new adventures for the series. He also works as executive director of an advertising agency and writes comedy shows for the radio.
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Boris Pfeiffer

Boris Pfeiffer is well known by his target group for enthralling series such as The Three ??? and The Wild Pack. He works for the Gripstheater in Berlin and is the author of successful TV series scripts.
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About the Illustrator

Jan Saße

Jan Saße zeichnet seit 2009 für Die drei ??? Kids. Inzwischen hat er schon viele Bücher illustriert, darunter auch die Reihe 'Vier durch die Zeit'. Er hat sich das Zeichnen selbst beigebracht. Als Kind ist er in die Bücherei gegangen und hat sich viel aus Comics und Büchern abgeguckt. Mehr über J...
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