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Horse Language for Children

Andrea Eschbach, Markus Eschbach


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    Age: from 8 Years
    279x227x13mm (LxWxH)
    Cover/Layout 150 colour photos
    Pages: 56
    EAN: 9783440140710
    Art.-No.: 14071
    Horses communicate with their behavior and body language. How this language works and how you can talk to your horse is explained in this book. In short, informative texts and with compelling photos the authors explain how any child can learn horse whispering -- communication with the horse. For a perfect introduction for beginning riders and for fearless contact with horses.

    About the authors

    Andrea Eschbach

    Andrea Eschbach works as a physical therapist, teaches students the traditional riding techniques of Native Americans and trains horses.
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    Markus Eschbach

    Markus Eschbach works as a social education worker and horse trainer. Half his life he has spent in the saddle.
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