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The three ??? Kids - SOS Scavenger Hunt

Ulf Blanck, Jan Saße, Astrid Schulte


This book includes a unique to do list for all fans of the cult detectives...

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Manual of Bee Diseases

Friedrich Pohl


Bee expert Dr Friedrich Pohl shows how you can protect your bees and stem the...

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Cavaletti Training

Ingrid Klimke


Ingrid and Reiner Klimke – two big names in the riding world. Their secret to...

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Ursula Löckenhoff


Keping several dogs – harmoniously and relaxed

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Edible Wild Herbs and Wild Berries While Out-and-About

Rudi Beiser, Marianne Golte-Bechtle, Roland Spohn


This popular field guide presents 140 edible wild herb and berry types

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Rockeries and stone walls

Angela Beck


The most beautiful design and planting tips for the local rock garden, the...


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Portable Nature Field Guide

Frank Hecker, Katrin Hecker


Identification made easy with the help of a clear structure divided into...

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Our Edible Wild Plants

Rudi Beiser


Surprisingly tasty and versatile plants grow on the lawn, behind the house...

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Retriever School for Puppies

Norma Zvolsky


Companion through the entire first year of a retriever puppy

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Which Star Is This?

Thorsten Dambeck, Susanne Dambeck


Which stars can be seen in the night sky? What else can you discover in the sky?


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Bees, Wasps, Ants

Heiko Bellmann, Matthias Helb


One of the most fascinating insect topics now in a completely revised new...

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How to Feed Birds Correctly?

Peter Berthold, Gabriele Mohr


For many people feeding and watching the feathered friends is one of the...

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On a Loose Leash

Jeanette Przygoda


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Keeping Chicken

Carola Hotze, Katrin Juliane Schiffer


Well taken care of: understanding chickens and keeping them in an appropriate...

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Bee Keeping Step by Step

Kaspar Bienefeld


Open it up and get started: “Bee Keeping Step by Step” lets you start simply...

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Body-Language Lungeing With Dog

Sami El Ayachi


Lungeing with a dog is becoming more popular. The well-known dog trainer Sami...

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